We are here, waiting for you – whether you arrive by plane, car or train. Arctic Lakeland, the northern part of Finnish lake district is situated in the middle-east part of Finland, making the journey even a half shorter compared to destinations in Lapland.

Welcome to the arctic LAKELAND region!

flights to arctic lakeland – kajaani

Direct flight connections between Helsinki and Kajaani are operated by Finnair. Kajaani Airport is situated only 8 kilometres from the Kajaani city centre.

Flight times

Helsinki – Kajaani 1 h 20 min

The Arctic Lakeland area can also be reached by using the nearby airports of Oulu, Kuopio or Kuusamo.

Helsinki – Oulu 1 h 10 min, transfer by car or train to Arctic Lakeland 2 h
Helsinki – Kuusamo 1 h 40 min, transfer by car to Arctic Lakeland 2 h
Helsinki – Kuopio 1 h, transfer by car or train to Arctic Lakeland 2 h

Important customer information regarding airport bus connections:
Kajaani Airport bus service HAS endED on 31 December 2022

From 1 January 2023 there is no longer a direct bus service
from Kuhmo, Sotkamo and Vuokatti to Kajaani Airport,
or from Kajaani Airport to Vuokatti, Sotkamo and Kuhmo.

Regional bus service between Kuhmo, Sotkamo,
Vuokatti and Kajaani city centre continues normally. Regional bus service runs to Kajaani Travel Centre, where long distance trains and buses also stop.


The taxi stand is located in front of the airport. If you need to order a taxi by calling Korpitaxi or Kajaani Regional Taxi by phone +358 600 398 100.
Address: Kajaani Airport, Lentokentäntie 7, 87850 Paltaniemi.


Rental car makes your trip easier, especially if your final holiday destination is outside of Kajaani City in other tourism regions. There are several car rental companies at the Kajaani airport. Some of them are only open with advance reservation. Please heck the opening hours and other information on the websites of the rental companies below.

By train

Extensive rail network in Finland and regular service make Kajaani easily reachable environmentally friendly by travelling by train. Finnish trails are operated by state company VR.

The new live train tracker map, see the most up-to-date information where the trains are running.

Travel times

Helsinki – Kajaani approx. 6 -7 h

From the Kajaani railway station take a bus, taxi or rent a car to your final destination. Kajaani city centre is located only 5 min walk from railway station.

The taxi stand is located in front of the railway station. If you need to order a taxi by calling Korpitaxi or Kajaani Regional Taxi by phone
+358 600 398 100.
Address: Kajaani railway station, Asema-alue, 87100 Kajaani.

car rental services


Arctic Lakeland and various tourism destinations are easily accessible by bus. Check the Matkahuolto service for the most suitable bus routes, schedules and prices for you.

Bus company Onnibus services and connections are available to Kainuu. You can find the Onnibus bus services here.

By car

Wherever you will be arriving from, Finland’s extensive national road network leads you to Arctic Lakeland. Travel time from the capital area is half shorter than to Lapland – would you rather spend your vacation day relaxing or traveling?

Up-to-date information on road conditions is published by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Travel times

Helsinki – Arctic Lakeland 7 h
Turku – Arctic Lakeland 8 h


Welcome to Arctic Lakeland also with an electric car! You can find charging points in Kajaani, Vuokatti, Kuhmo and Suomussalmi. See electric car charging points.

1. Vuokatti
2. Kuhmo
3. Wild Taiga
4. Hossa-Suomussalmi
5. Paljakka
6. Ukkohalla
7. Kajaani-Oulujärvi