The Adventure Race Finnish Championship will be competed in September in Kuhmo

The Lost in Kainuu adventure competition will take place in Kuhmo on September 8th-9th. This is Finland’s largest and longest adventure competition, expecting around 200 teams this year, which means about 500 adventurers, ranging from beginners to adventure sports experts.

Lost in Kainuu adventure competition 2022 in Puolanka. Photo Lauri Kontkanen.
Photo Lauri Kontkanen.

The disciplines in Lost in Kainuu this year include mountain biking, running, trekking, orienteering, kayaking, and rope tasks. “During Friday and Saturday, you can encounter adventurers in Kuhmo’s city center, as well as in the wilderness and on the waters around the clock,” says Jukka Liuha, the event manager from Kainuun Liikunta (Regional Sports Association of Kainuu).

The competition has four categories: Extremely Lost, a 24-hour, 225-kilometer race; Lost, a 16-18 hour, 175-kilometer race; Almost Lost, a 6-8 hour, 75-kilometer race; and Casually Lost, a 3-4 hour, 40-kilometer race. The team size ranges from 2 to 5 people, depending on the category.

In the longest category, Extremely Lost, which lasts 24 hours, the Finnish Championship will be competed for the first time in Finland for women, men, and mixed teams. “For the first time, Lost in Kainuu is part of the Adventure1 adventure series, which is held in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania,” Liuha explains.

The Adventure1 series includes national championship races in selected countries and World Cup events in each continent, culminating in the season’s World Cup final. “The A1 competition year culminates in the A1 World Cup final, which will be held in New Zealand from December 7th to 10th this year. The goal is to bring World Cup races to Kainuu in the future,” Liuha reveals. This year, there are only Finnish teams participating in Lost In Kainuu but the goal is to also bring this event to the attention of international participants.

On the other hand, Casually Lost, Almost Lost, and Lost categories are open to first-timers in the sport, physically fit individuals who are at least 18 years old and possess basic skills in orienteering and swimming. “Lost in Kainuu offers memorable nature experiences and tests of physical and mental limits, so it’s worth participating whether you live in Kuhmo or outside Kainuu,” Liuha encourages.

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