Winter product manual

Introducing new Arctic Lakeland winter product manual 2024-2025 for travel trade

Welcome to Winter Wonderland

Arctic Lakeland is proud to announce the launch of our new winter product manual for travel trade. Featuring a selection of short and week-long winter breaks, the manual offers our recommendations for best experiences and destinations to enjoy the snowy season.

A glimpse of Arctic Lakeland in winter

Nestled between Lapland and Lakeland, Arctic Lakeland offers the best sides of Finland. As the northernmost part of Lakeland Finland, Europe’s largest lake district, Arctic Lakeland is a region of wild contrasts and 4 distinct seasons. Winter is a perfect time to visit Arctic Lakeland and experience the real winter wonderland. From December to early April, Arctic Lakeland becomes a snowy playground offering compelling reasons to visit during the winter months:

BEST selection of winter breaks and activities in Arctic Lakeland 

  1. an aurora hunting break away from the crowds in a charming and quiet wilderness hotel,
  2. a stay in Sky glass cabins with a view of the Northern sky,
  3. an authentic Finnish winter discovery in Finland’s best snowmobile destination,
  4. an active winter break in one of Finland’s leading ski resorts,
  5. winter break in Finland’s northernmost manor house,
  6. fully inclusive escorted group tour with Northern Lights hunting and a night at a birdhouse hotel and
  7. a family adventure week with igloo building.


For more information, itinerary suggestions and contact details for booking, download our new winter product manual.