Find your inner Finn at Arctic Lakeland

Summer in Arctic Lakeland region is full of interesting experiences, sights, tourist attractions, festivals and trails to discover. All experiences make the lives of our locals happier, so why not yours? Come and discover with our help your inner finn. #findyourinnerfinn

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Hear the forest calling and find your happiness

Arctic Lakeland region hides a wealth of beautiful landscapes and green forests that we locals are proud to show off. Amidst our magnificent landscapes, you can enjoy pure nature and experience a piece of Finnish happiness.

Our nature will take you on a variety of hiking trails, which is something we offer for everyone. Imagine sitting around a campfire and admiring the primeval forest for example on the Hiking trail in Paltamo and in Northern national Park Hossa. You can experience our region’s accessible trails for example at Hepoköngäs waterfall trail in Paljakka.

Fading summer evenings

In Arctic Lakeland you can experience four unique seasons. Summer time is full of life. At the moment from bright summer evenings to warm fading autumn nights. In the misty evenings and mornings, you can experience the magic of Arctic Lakeland Kainuu, where nature and animals breathe with you. In our region you can also see a magical waterfall for example in Paljakka Nature Park Hepoköngäs.

Happiness goes through the stomach

The traditions and the tastiest dishes of Actic Lakeland’s food culture have evolved over the scarcity period. We can proudly use raw materials from our own fields, lakes and forests directly to the table. In our region you can experience the unique cloudberry, the so-called golden berry and the beautiful blue glimmering blueberry forests.

Food means a lot to us, it is part of our health and well-being. For us, experiential food tourism is important and we want our travellers to be inspired by our traditional recipes and local food.

Explore our local food culture highlights:  Taste of Kuhmo – Food Experience, Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People.

Be enchanted by the warm atmosphere and experience happiness

The saying: “home sweet home” in Finland, revolves around happiness. in Arctic Lakeland we want to offer our travellers a piece of this warm atmosphere. With hospitality we welcome our travellers to experience unforgettable and quality accommodation experiences. In our accommodations you can be inspired in many different ways. For example in Arctic Giant Birdhouse Hotel you can be enchanted by the nature that opens directly into your living room and in  The Aateli Island in Vuokatti you can stay in the middle of a private island.

Explore our special accommodation highlights: The Aateli Island in Vuokatti, Grand Hotel Vuokatti/ Hotel Aateli Lakeside, Sky Cabin Glass -Suite, Arctic Giant Birdhouse Hotel, Lake Resort Paljakka and Midnight Sun Romantic Holiday


At Arctic Lakeland, we value our environment and localism, which is an important part of our value base. Our tourism business companies use local ingredients and products. For example The Silent People Niittykahvila has signed the Glasgow declaration on climate in tourism. Also Hotel Kalevala’s staff have participated in the We Speak Gay rainbow training. Together with our travellers, we strive to act responsibly by creating good.

In Arctic Lakeland, the STF label has already been awarded to Niittykahvila Café of the Silent PeopleKainuun LuontoretketBreak Sokos Hotel VuokattiOriginal Sokos Hotel ValjusNaturally OulujärviKuhmo Chamber Music FestivalHotel Kalevala,  Vuokatti Ski Resort and the nationally operating Pohjolan Matka.

the Colour of events embraces the happiness

Events are part of a cultural experience. They allow you to experience great emotions, colours and above all, memorable moments. Events in a four-season setting in Arctic Lakeland embrace the listener to holistically enjoy and experience happiness through music, art, sports and people.

Whatever the weather, the happiness and experience of each event is unique, leaving a lasting impression on the experience. At our events, you have the opportunity to be part of an experience you won’t find anywhere else and at the same time you get to experience the local way of being happy.


Around the sauna there are centuries of folklore, fairy tales and stories in Finland. The sauna is shrouded in mysticism, which is also linked to the traditional “vasta” or “vihta” (a birch sauna whisk). The “vasta” was used to ward off evil spirits and to bring good luck.

The sauna brings well-being and happiness in many ways – it brings people together with their stories and moments. In the sauna you have a moment to relax, enjoy the warmth of the sauna and listen to the crackling of the fire. After the sauna, it’s fabulous to take a dip in the clear lakes. At Arctic Lakeland you can experience authentic sauna culture in many ways.

Our Sauna culture highlights: Happiness with Smoke Sauna Experience, Ukkohalla – Sauna World & Spa, Lakeside Saunas- Lake Resort Paljakka, Sauna raft on the Kajaaninjoki River, Lake shore sauna in Vuokatti, Wellness and sauna- Hotel Kaleva, Wild Taiga,

Well-being from nature enables happiness

One of the most important cornerstones of Finnish happiness is a connection with nature. An understanding of the importance of nature and its impact on one’s well-being enables happiness.

In Arctic Lakeland, we live in symbiosis with Mother Nature. You can experience well-being and health from nature in many ways, for example hiking, fishing and berry picking. Also Vast wilderness areas and wildlife spotting opportunities are glimpses of such experiences. We enable nature experiences for both locals and our visitors, from which everyone can draw as resources for their own lives.

Explore our happiness highlights:Lentiiran lomakylä: Happy go Wild, Wild Taiga: Wildlife Summer Holiday

Nature is our second home

Privacy and authenticity can be experienced in the natural surroundings of Arctic Lakeland.

For us locals, nature is like a second home, where we have spent time since childhood. The nature that opens from your backyard hides many memories and moments. In summer Arctic Lakeland’s nature is at its best. Bright blue lakes and lush forests allow you to sense, experience and see – to breathe with nature. Nature offers a chance to pause during everyday life, one of the cornerstones of happiness.

Explore our nature highlights: Hossa National Park, Tiilikkajärvi National Park, Hiidenportti National Park, Paljakka Nature Reserve & Ärjä Island


Tourists are always welcomed with Arctic Lakeland region’s own charm and warm and hospitable service.

The tourism operators in the area are local people who truly value their homeland and hope to pass it on to their children, preserving the values of social, economic and ecological responsibility. The experiences are inspired by the life’s work and stories of the entrepreneurs. Guests of Arctic Lakeland will find the opportunity for tailor-made itineraries and enjoy authenticity and privacy.

Photo: Vincent Croce